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Do you remember the first few months that you spent in this world? Don’t worry, we also don’t remember them, but we are aware that it is an essential time for the development of every little human being.  

The GaGaGu brand speaks the language of newborns because we understand their needs, and we do our best to make their emergence into the world of different textures, sounds, colours, shapes and motor skills challenges appropriately stimulating

With pride and satisfaction, we offer you our refined toys, which will help the little ones to discover new, fascinating elements of reality every day. We believe that every child has a genius in them – all you have to do is know how to awaken them! 


Our collection of multi-sensory toys that support the development of children in their first months of life was intended to provide newborns with only the necessary stimuli. The range of colours and the selection of fabrics are adapted to the needs of little children: the dominant colours are contrasting black and white, and the addition of other colours makes the toys more interesting without too many stimuli. There are no plastic elements in GaGaGu toys – only plush, fabrics and Velcro straps.

The entire collection is also consistent in terms of its design – on our various products, there are 10 animals and 10 different colours, which allows parents and guardians to choose a set of products the child likes the most. 


Discover what smart play looks like with the GaGaGu multi-sensory toy collection.

Our products stimulate the development of the child
on many different levels:

Contrasting colours
stimulate eyesight
Geometric patterns
shape visual
Protruding elements
engage motor skills
Rustling fabrics develop
the sense of hearing
Various fabrics and textures
stimulate the sense of touch

GaGaGu products can be combined with each other
to create a personalised set.